The Association for LGBT Mathematicians

Andrew Bernoff

Harvey Mudd College

Hi! I'm Andrew Bernoff, an applied mathematician whose research specializes in bridging the gaps between Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Engineering with a particular emphasis on using dynamical systems methods to understand experiments and natural phenomena. I was an undergraduate at MIT and received my PhD at the University of Cambridge. I've spent time on the faculty at Northwestern, Duke and the University of California at Berkeley before settling in at Harvey Mudd College, where I am the Kenneth & Diana Jonsson Professor of Mathematics and past chair of the Mathematics Department. I have been out and politically active since getting my PhD in the 80's. At Northwestern I spearheaded the effort to get domestic partner benefits in the 90's. At Harvey Mudd College I have been involved in many efforts to promote diversity, inclusion and equity.

Ron Buckmire

Occidental College

Ron Buckmire is a Professor of Mathematics at Occidental College, where he has been member of the faculty since 1994. He is a representative of multiple groups under-represented in STEM (African-Americans, openly LGBT, immigrants) and has long been active in supporting programs that celebrate and foster diversity in academia. NOGLSTP named him its LGBT Educator of the Year in 2011. His research areas include mathematical modeling. numerical analysis and mathematics education. In the 2011-2013 academic years, Ron served as a Program Officer in the NSF’s Division of Undergraduate Education, where he assisted in the management and administration of grant programs intended to improve mathematics education nationwide.

David Crombeque

University of Southern California

David Crombecque is an Assistant Professor of Teaching in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from USC and previously, a Master’s in Mathematics from the Universite des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, France. His research interests are in Contact Geometry and Knot Theory. His focus on the pedagogy of Mathematics concerns Inquiry Based Learning for undergraduate students as well as professional development for middle school and high school Mathematics teachers.

Since 2009, David has been a board member of the National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals (NOGLSTP) where he also represents the Mathematics Caucus and organizes the evaluation committee for the annual Out To Innovate undergraduate and graduate scholarships.

Moon Duchin

Tufts University

Moon Duchin works in geometric group theory and low-dimensional topology with tools from metric geometry and dynamics, as an Associate Professor at Tufts University. One of her strong interests is broadening the demographics of participation in mathematics. She's recently helped found a new interdisciplinary program in Science, Technology, & Society at Tufts where majors can follow a course track in mathematics and modeling, and she's currently enjoying developing an expanded curriculum in voting theory.

Chris Goff

University of the Pacific

Hi, I'm Chris Goff. I work at University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, where I've been since 2002. I'm now a Professor in the math department and half-time Assistant Provost for Diversity. My PhD was from UC Santa Cruz in 1999, and was about representation theory of certain Hopf and quasi-Hopf algebras. I then completed a three-year teaching Postdoc at the University of Arizona before taking the job at Pacific.

Concha Gomez

Concha Gomez teaches mathematics at Diablo Valley College in Northern California. She received her Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley in 2000, where she wrote her dissertation in p-adic model theory. Her current interests are in math education and access, equity, and diversity in STEM. While a Berkeley graduate student, Concha helped find a bar in downtown San Francisco for the first LGBTQ reception at the 1995 Joint Meetings. She lives on an island in the San Francisco Bay, where she enjoys wine, cycling, and watching the kitesurfers.

Mike Hill

University of California Los Angeles

Mike Hill is a Professor at UCLA in the topology group, specializing in algebraic topology. He did his graduate work at MIT before moving to UVA, where he was first a postdoc and then a faculty member.

Doug Lind

University of Washington

Douglas Lind is Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at the University of Washington in Seattle, where he has been for forty years, with occasional time off for good behavior. His research interests are ergodic theory and dynamical systems, mainly involving spaces and maps with algebraic structure.

Mark MacLean

Seattle University

Mark MacLean is an Associate Professor at Seattle University, where he has worked since 2005. He earned a PhD in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2001. His main research interest is algebraic combinatorics, particularly the study of distance-regular graphs.

Emily Riehl

Johns Hopkins University

Emily Riehl is an Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University working in category theory, particularly in relation to homotopy theory. She is the author of Categorical Homotopy Theory (Cambridge University Press, 2014) and the forthcoming Category Theory in Context (Dover, 2016). On summer weekends, she can be found playing Australian Rules Football, which she picked up while visiting the Centre of Australian Category Theory as a PhD student.